Space Rescue Storage Tanks

Working inside containers which hold liquids and compressed gases in both heated and cooled states

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Storage tanks come in various shapes and sizes and can be made from a range of materials including stainless, mild steel, iron or even plastic. They all perform the same task which is the safe storage and dispensing of liquids or gases for numerous industries including the chemical and food industry sectors.

These storage tanks all have to be maintained and will have a service maintenance schedule to help ensure longevity in the safe storage of their contents.

This cleaning can be performed by the company itself (assuming they have the skilled staff and specialist equipment to perform this) although many prefer to call on a cleaning specialist like our sister company LRES-UK Ltd.

This is where Confined Space Rescue comes in. When a storage tank is ready for its maintenance and cleaning service, Confined Space Rescue are there working and supporting the LRES-UK Ltd team performing the cleaning task to ensure all safety measures are taken and adhered to. Perhaps more important, Confined Space Rescue are ready on-site should something not go to plan and a successful rescue be required.

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