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Since the Confined Space Regulations of 1997 plans for rescuing incapacitated persons has become a priority when working in a number of common scenarios.

When using our rescue services it means having sufficient equipment and highly trained personnel on-site to carry out a critical rescue at a moments notice.

Through our extensive training and on-going experience we have the ability to work with you to not only aid those in danger but inspect a site for foreseeable situations and hazards which could result in injury.

What is classed as a confined space?

Your worksite doesn’t need to be fully enclosed to be considered a confined space. From the obvious storage tank or enclosed drain to the less obvious ductwork or excavated trench, With our years of experience of UK rescue we have likely experienced your confined space in our history.

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Common confined spaces include...

What are the common hazards when entering a confined space?

A number of all too common hazards can result in your workplace unexpectedly becoming dangerous in moments.

Some hazards such as liquids or poisonous gases may be present at all times, but others such as lack of oxygen or heat levels will only arise when the work is being carried out.

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Common confined space hazards include...

Space Rescue

What legislation is involved with Confined Space Rescue in the UK?

The identification and management of working in confined spaces is covered by the UK's Confined Space Regulations 1997 and an accompanying Guidance and Approved Code of Practice (HSE L101).

These regulations must be considered before attempting to enter any confined space. A focus of the considerations is finding methods to complete the work without entry and helping to mitigating the risks entirely.

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space regulations, please call us on 0114 243 6967

UK based Confined space rescue services and training

We have the expertise to ensure the safety of your employees and that you are complying with the UK law. Using our services is is the best way to protect your team, whilst providing yourself with the reassurance that we have the expertise to help you meet the demands of working in challenging environments.

Regulations covering confined spaces came into effect in 1997, covering the rescue of incapacitated persons. Thanks to our wide-ranging expertise in confined space rescue and training, we work with businesses to help those in immediate danger, whilst providing inspection and support services designed to prevent future incidents.

Is your workplace a confined space?

There’s a misconception that workplaces must be fully enclosed to be defined as confined. However, this is not the case and whether you have employees working in obviously confined spaces such as storage tanks or drains, through to excavated trenches or ductwork, our experience will have covered your particular space.

The most common confined spaces include storage tanks, silos, manholes, incinerators, sewers, ship holds, containers and ductwork. Energy from waste facilities are also classed as being at high risk and we work in partnerships with a number of Energy from Waste facilities throughout the UK.

Confined space entry presents a number of common hazards which can be present at all times, such as liquids, poisonous gases or machinery. However other hazards such as a lack of oxygen or extreme heat levels may only occur when work is being carried out. Here at Confined Space Rescue we have the expertise to identify high risk environments, providing you with the specialist support and guidance you need.

Our team are all fully trained and have wide-ranging experience in confined space entry and rescue, providing dependable space rescue services at cost-effective prices.

Confined space training

We provide bespoke training for businesses whose employees work in confined spaces. Our training services are designed to ensure you meet your obligations for casualty recovery, using a number of confined space scenarios and rescue equipment.

Our training team have, and continue to work in confined spaces, giving them the expertise and real life training to ensure the emergency rescue and recovery of casualties is carried out safely and efficiently.

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Thanks to our extensive and ongoing training, our confined space rescue team have the qualifications and real life experience to help those in immediate danger. We can also provide the training your employees need to ensure their safety in hazardous environments, whilst providing inspection services designed to prevent foreseeable situations.

Confined Space Rescue are based in Sheffield and our services are available throughout the UK. If you would like to find out more about how we can provide you with peace of mind at a cost-effective price, why not get in touch by calling 0114 243 6967?

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Confined Space Rescue hold the following recognised accreditations...

  • Overseeing Work in Confined Spaces Certified by BA Safety
  • Use and wearing of the Modulair Trolley and Breathing Apparatus Certified by A1 Safety (Yorkshire)
  • Confined Space Entry Including Escape BA Certified by SECAS
  • Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme Certified by citb Cskills Awards
  • First Aid in Confined Spaces Certified by BA Safety
  • Safety Passports Certified by Client Contractor National Safety Group
  • Radiation Protection Supervisor Training Certified by Aurora
  • National General Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health Certified by NEBOSH
  • Working in High Risk Confined Spaces: Water Certified by City & Guilds
  • Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces: Water Certified by City & Guilds
  • Recovery of Casualties from Confined Spaces: Water Certified by City & Guilds